From Some of My Clients

I have always wanted to incorporate a yoga practice as part of my overall wellness routine. However, even as a professional dancer, whenever I’ve taken a yoga class, I’ve never received the verbal or physical instruction that makes me feel I’m truly benefitting from the class. Anjali has a way of articulating the various asanas to help students of all levels find their comfortable place in it. I love her theory of “ahimsa” for each of us, and I am so lucky to have her as my teacher and to be able to offer her style of mindful flow at Noorani Dance.

Farah Yasmeen Shaikh

Kathak Artist, Founder & Director: Noorani Dance Company

I was referred to Anjali by my former prenatal yoga instructor. I took Anjali's Candlelit Yoga classes at Washington Hospital Women’s Center in Fremont, CA for over a year. I was recovering from a surgery when I started taking her classes. Anjali was very welcoming. Her teaching style allowed me to respect my limits at the same time that it challenged myself. I could see the improvements week by week. Anjali is enthusiastic and you can see in her eyes the passion she has for her job”.


Fremont, CA

This class is sooooo good. Very relaxing and just what I need after a long work day. The class is different each time, which allows me to feel challenged. I appreciate her kind spirit and willingness to help us with each pose. I love it and hope it continues.


San Jose, CA