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Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Health Challenges (Covid Support Community Class)



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Workshops & Events

Chai with Erika and Anjali: Everyday Self-Care for Caregivers

Bring a cup of chai or any beverage and join Anjali, Yoga teacher (Stanford Cancer Program) and cancer survivor, and Erika, clinical counselor and wellness instructor, for a conversation on learning how to fill your cup so you can continue to support those you love. During these especially challenging times, taking care of yourself when you take care of others is a challenge, leading to the very-real phenomenon of caregiver stress and burn-out. We will discuss and offer solutions and strategies to cultivate practices for self-compassion, including brief and portable practices that you can use to de-stress in the moment. There will be time to reflect, create and share a self care plan that works for you.

May-31, 2020. 3:00-4:15pm.
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The Refresh: Daily Self Care practices @ Work.

A 90 minute workshop to learn about how you can incorporate self care practices in your work life, at your desk, in your offices. Designed with the working professional in mind, with concepts from Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and wellness research, it includes lecture, discussions, stretch and breath techniques for your every day so you can learn to cultivate being present and reduce build up of stress. You will leave with a holistic framework and a plan to practice self care everyday at your workplace.


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