• Anjali Rao

Of Keith Richards, Kathak and Drishti….

Nope!! I haven’t lost it….yet!! 🙂 Keith, Kathak and Dristhi are spools of thread in my brain that I will unravel in a bit…but before that, let me weave a yarn of a girl with her yoga mat in her first day of yoga teacher training…

She enters a lovely, spacious room filled with light, walls in muted, earthy tones, excited to start this adventure. She has done yoga for a year, knows her body has been through some nips and tucks but thinks she can rock this….twenty yoga mats are placed perfectly in the room and as she gazes around, her heart dips….these peeps are ribbed, chiselled, glowing…standing on their heads, balancing on their hands, perching on their shoulders…. getting their yoga groove on….bliss on their faces!!! Say whaaaa???? Her yoga teacher had said that she is ready, and is eligible for this training….whaddishethinking????

Ahem!! That was my first day, and I remember my Kathak training kicked into action,” where the hand goes, the gaze follows, where the gaze follows, the mind focuses”…. I decide to focus on my Dristhi, my gaze and use it as a tool to center myself…..so what if the petite brunette next to me has taught yoga and “relaxes” with her feet above her head…that is my intention, I will not look anywhere else….but experience this for myself…..it’s my body and it has it’s own story….

What has Keith got to do with this story?? I read his comment today on how his ” radar is on…always on”  and this spurred me to think, yes it is on and if we direct this radar or Drishti on ourselves and not compare to the girl next door……we will rock our journeys better….

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