• Anjali Rao

Let’s start at the very beginning…..

I want to teach yoga. I want to help transform lives and help people live their best lives. Very Oprah esque, I know…Pfftt!! It is a lofty goal, an ambition that may sound arrogant, but there it is!! It’s my passion and I want to share that fire with you.

My life changed 2 years, 7 months ago. I was in the best shape of my life, cranking out earnestly burpees and jumping jacks, pounding weights to Jillian Michael’s benevolently pushy admonitions. My first mammogram revealed a precancerous lesion in my breast at 37 ( thank you Dr. Menon for pushing me to get that coz of suspected family history).

To say that this diagnosis plunged me into fear, depression and anxiety would not be an exaggeration. I was doing everything right!!! I was a healthy eater, my physician marveled at my core strength after birthing two kids,not a smoker, a social drinker….how in the effing world did this happen???

Since I was a mom of two, and wanted to stick around until I could be a cantankerous grand mom, I decided to undergo a mastectomy ( Angelina Jolie made this choice a powerful one recently, and I applaud her honesty in talking about this). After reconstruction, I now have boobs that can never sag…howzzat for a side effect?? 🙂

How does this lead into yoga??? Coz I wanted a modality that will help the new me be calm, be joyful and not just survive, but thrive!!

After a year of yoga classes at my local studio, I am now a teacher in training…..and I want to share this journey in hopes of it inspiring you in your journey into good health.

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