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Yoga is much more than making shapes on a mat. It is about seeking, exploring, and finding a connection within and out.

Yoga is a multi-dimensional practice with the potential to enrich our lives in every way and should be made accessible to everyone. It can be profoundly transformative, helping lead lives of balance, self-awareness, clarity, and joy. The practice on the mat can help us reveal who we are off the mat.

I discovered yoga after undergoing surgery for early-stage breast cancer. By the end of my first class, I was in love! The experience gave me an intimate connection with my body, which needed healing from within. 

I knew that this practice would be in my life forever and truly started my journey. After completing the 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training at Mind Body Zone, my goal of helping others overcome health challenges brought me to an apprenticeship with my teacher and mentor: Lorien Neargarder, who taught "Yoga for Cancer Survivors and Patients" at the Stanford Cancer Care Program. After completing the 500-hours Yoga Teacher Training at Breathe Together with Jennifer Prugh who has influenced my life deeply, both on and off the mat, I now am on the faculty of teacher training programs, focussing on Yoga Philosophy

My teaching incorporates all that I learn in human anatomy, yoga philosophy, mindfulness practices, and abiding love of Indian classical dance. I teach Yoga Basics for Stanford Cancer Care, Wellness Yoga at Washington Hospital, and Vinyasa Yoga for corporate and private clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I believe in “seva” (service): giving back to the community. Volunteering with grass-root level organizations especially for women and participating as a citizen are integral parts of my life. I am a Board Member at HERS Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit that serves patients and survivors from all walks of life. 

My intention is to continue sharing what I know, empowering you and me on our paths and learning as long as I live. 

Thank you for reading. Namaste. 

Anjali Rao

  • Anjali Rao

Do NOT try this at home, kids! Top 3 reasons to try a Yoga class

Disclaimer: The opinions stated in this blog post is meant to persuade you to try something new and is completely biased and based on personal experience. And yes, I am a closet purist who believes that certain things can be sullied with the modern propensity for quick fixes and DIY ers who, even though filled with good intent may cause long term harm to their bodies.

I have had friends and family ask me what I think of a Yoga DVD, or Youtube videos and if they can do yoga at home. I know that these things are a gabazillion dollar industry, but am of the opinion that its a great supplement for those who know their Pincha Mayurasana to Utthita Trikonasana i.e, those who know their Yoga, their bodies, have been to classes at least long enough to know when and how to modify according to their individual need. But for the rest, here goes:

One size doesn’t fit all: Each of our bodies has a story to tell, and the stories may be written in tight hamstrings for some, a weak lower back for others, carpal tunnel for a few and so on. When we follow the DVD,  the tendency is to follow the instructions and try to twist and bend and basically force our bodies to look like the instructor and in doing so, may cause short-term or long term injury. Yoga is not about doing the poses in a PERFECT way, it’s about figuring out what is coming in the way of doing the pose and then working on either removing, reducing or working around that obstacle. And a well-trained teacher helps.

Sequencing and Construction: As Jason Crandell, named one of the next generation of teachers shaping Yoga’s future by Yoga Journal, states, “Sequencing is simple when you know what you’re teaching and why you’re teaching it”. This is important, a careful construction of a yoga practice is key, how the asanas are sequenced and flow into each other are as important as the asanas themselves. The time of day, the energy level, even the weather outside can dictate the sequencing, a concept that I learned in teacher training.

Synergy, synergy, synergy: I love the feeling of community, and have begun to form friendships with my yoga peeps. More importantly, I am motivated to stay longer and breathe through an advanced pose thereby optimizing the effort and action  . Its the coming together of intent and effort in a collective that is energizing and rejuvenating. In other words, you may push yourself a bit harder (under expert guidance) if you go to a class.

So go ahead and try a few classes from a good teacher and who knows someday you may start climbing that elusive wall!

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