• Anjali Rao

A precarious, precious thing…

Balance. I know that is precarious and precious. And evasive and much sought after, its absence felt keenly and its presence imperative in my life. As we move onto 2014, I have been reflecting on this, evaluating where I need more of anything and editing out the unnecessary.

I have always strived and yearned for balance in my life. Balance between a night of decadent indulgences and the austere morning of yoga, balance between cardio and pranayama, balance between looking good and knowing that it’s not representative of the internal life that I seek, balance between wanting to be a carefree traveller and being grounded in the reality that is my awesome life, balance between Walter White and Patanjali.

Yoga has helped me get there, rather is helping me achieve, maintain and sustain this precious and precarious thing. If I were to extend the metaphor of balancing asanas  and what they they have helped me learn, I could summarize thus:

Be grounded, be real: in Vrukshasana or Tree pose, one leg is firm and strong while the other is bent, the leg that is grounded is the “brain” of the pose, and only when that is strong enough to withstand, one can fully bend the other leg, pull it towards and rest it on the grounded leg. Having unrealistic expectations of oneself and our endless quest for the ” perfect life” can throw us out of balance. Lets keep it real!! Ground ourselves in our reality, not our neighbors  and enjoy the flight.

If you fall down, just get up and do it again and again: Many a time have I fallen down and I still do. And every time I conquer an inch, it’s sweet!! 🙂 The parallels are obvious to how we can overcome and view our obstacles in our journeys.

Strengthen our core: Most of the balancing asanas strengthen and tone the core. I have learned that friends and family who help me write my inner dialogue are a party to this life experience and I try to choose my script writers well. Life changing and liberating!

As I pick out my outfit for the New Year’s Eve and prepare for a night of movement and music, I will be drawing on the morning of stillness and silence. Happy 2014 everyone!! May you find your internal scale of balance.

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